Foraminotomy – Frisco, TX
The board certified spine surgeons at OrthoTexas, Frisco offer treatment for various orthopedic conditions. They perform Foraminotomy to widen the space between the vertebrae. The surgeons also specialize in other advanced treatment options to help patients in Frisco, TX get relief from conditions causing back pain.


Foraminotomy is a decompression surgery performed on the spinal cord. The purpose of this surgery is to widen the space between the vertebrae from where the nerve roots emerge out of the spine. In some cases, the space between the vertebrae shrinks and this puts pressure on the nerve roots that emerge from these spaces (neural foramen). This condition is called Foraminal Spinal Stenosis. The process of Foraminotomy helps to reduce pressure on these nerves and can be conducted on any part of the spinal cord. It generally provides relief from all symptoms of the condition.

Who is a candidate for Foraminotomy?

A person suffering from the following symptoms can be suggested to undergo Foraminotomy:

  • Deep seated, consistent pain is felt in the shoulder, arms, hands, lower back, thighs, legs and calf
  • Muscle weakness occurs
  • The ability to perform normal routine tasks is greatly hampered
  • Range of motion is reduced
  • Numbness in the lower or upper extremities or any other part of the body
  • A feeling of pricks or tingling sensation in the body
  • Disc herniation
  • Development of osteophytes

Foraminotomy: The Procedure

  • The patient may be required to fast for 6-12 hours before the procedure
  • MRI scan may be done to check the condition of the spine
  • The process is initiated after administering general anesthesia so that the patient is unconscious
  • The patient is laid on the operating table, in a face-down positive
  • An incision is made in the centre of the back depending on the length of the spine that needs to be operated upon
  • A microscope may be used to get detailed view within the spine
  • A part of the vertebral bone may be cut, removed or scrapped to make the space wider and allow the nerve roots to move out freely
  • Debris from the intervertebral disc may be cleared off
  • Laminectomy - a piece of bone may be removed from other part of the adjoining vertebrae as well to create space
  • Spinal fusion- In some cases, two adjoining vertebrae may be fused together to improve spinal stability
  • The incision is closed after the procedure and the skin is stitched together using sutures

Recovery after Foraminotomy

The patient may be allowed to move little within 2 hours of surgery and may be discharged after 24 hours. A soft neck collar may be recommended to prevent straining the neck in case the cervical region of the spine was operated. In case of lumbar Foraminotomy, a removable back brace may be worn for support. The expected time for recovery is 4-8 weeks. Regular follow ups and physical therapy are recommended to maintain strength and stability and to keep a check on the spine health.

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