About Us
OrthoTexas is a renowned group of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists specializing in providing quality medical care to the patients across Texas. The physician owned and operated group provides comprehensive surgical as well as non-surgical treatment for various orthopedic conditions of the back, spine, knees, shoulder, hand, wrist, ankle, foot etc. Our spine surgeons are board certified and have extensive experience in their respective specializations.

The spine surgeons at OrthoTexas, Frisco, TX use the most advanced technology and medical equipment to treat back pain. Each of our medical professional recognizes the impact that back pain can have on an individual’s life. We understand that each individual has a different set of symptoms and, thus, formulate a specialized treatment plan accordingly. We strive to treat every patient with the same level of kindness, compassion and dedication. We help our patients achieve a faster healing that can boost their way to a pain free life. Using the most updated testing and imaging equipment, we aim at identifying the root cause of back pain and directing the treatment at the core.  

To schedule an appointment with our back pain specialists in Frisco, TX, call at (214) 618-5502.