OrthoTexas, Frisco, is a leading group of spine surgeons providing complete care for back pain. Whether you have strained your back due to overuse or suffered an injury, our team of orthopedic doctors is there to offer you the highest standards of care and medical support. We have extensive experience in helping patients find relief from acute or chronic upper, middle and lower back pain. Our knowledge and expertise in the medical field allows us to use the most innovative techniques, both surgical as well as non-surgical, to treat various orthopedic conditions causing back pain.

Our team at Frisco comprises of professionally qualified orthopedic surgeons, physicians and physiatrists and pain management specialists. We take pride in carefully listening to our patients’ medical condition and formulating an individualized treatment plan to address all the underlying causes of upper, middle and lower back pain. We aim at improving the quality of lives of our patients through a hands-on and multidisciplinary approach to pain management.  

Back conditions treated at OrthoTexas, Frisco, TX:

In addition to providing comprehensive clinical care to our patients, we always strive to be on the leading edge in the field of orthopedic medicine. We frequently participate and contribute towards the latest researches and publications concerning back pain conditions. Our spine surgeons in Frisco will provide you with the most comprehensive treatment and interventional pain medicine, along with personalized rehabilitation programs to boost your recovery from back pain.

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